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“Pike Christian Academy provided me with a wonderful middle school and high school experience, one that equipped me for higher education and the responsibilities of adulthood. Reflecting on my seven years at PCA, I realize how much I appreciate the school’s Christ-centered atmosphere and how the teachers give their attention to each individual student. I grew so much in my walk with God and in my love for His Word throughout my time at PCA that I decided to continue my education at Cedarville University, another wonderful Christ-centered environment. I’m extremely thankful for my parents and their support of Christian education, and I’m thankful for Pike Christian Academy’s significant contribution to my spiritual growth.”

Alana Perry

PCA Graduate

“What a blessing PCA has been to our family! Our son attended preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade at PCA, then we made the decision to put him in the public school. The summer before his 5th grade year God started to convince us to move him back to PCA. One of the best decisions we made! The education he received was top notch, the love we were shown was undeniable and to know that the teachers could reinforce what we were teaching in our home (Jesus) was the icing on the cake. We will forever be grateful for the education and the friendships that we found as a family through Pike Christian Academy!”

Ed & Mindy Purpero

Former PCA Parents

“We couldn’t have chosen a better educational opportunity for our children.  My oldest complains because she is being challenged educationally, where as before, it was pretty much play on technology devices all day to earn Accelerated Reader points.  I have seen a difference in my children, as God’s word is being fed to them daily, along with the true history of our country.  I appreciate the fact that our teachers do not “TEACH TO THE TEST”, and students actually get to explore ALL areas of learning.  I love that we are incorporating more activities for our students:  ie:  the “Dodge Ball Club”…  We believe that we have made the BEST possible choice for the education of our children!  Thank you Pike Christian Academy!”

John & Malea Young

PCA Parents & Malea is a PCA Teacher

“I love PCA because of the Christian Environment.  I get to hear and learn about God’s Word daily.  Being a student at this school has helped me strengthen my faith and grow closer to Jesus.  Being surrounded by Christian people all day long makes a huge positive impact on each student.  PCA is such a blessing because of its privilege to give students Christian education.  I love Pike Christian Academy so much and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”


PCA Student



 To educate students so they successfully integrate the Christian philosophy into their total life.



To encourage the learning of necessary skills required for meaningful participation ins society.



To provide children with opportunities for growth in the social skills required for adequate intercourse in todays society.

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